Non-Commercial Courses

Non-Commercial Serbian Language Courses for Exchange Students

Our foreign exchange programs offer you to learn Serbian for free.

Become a foreign exchange student at the Faculty of Philosohy in Niš.

Connect with Serbian Language and Culture!


Serbian for Foreigners (4 ETC)

A1 (Elementary) to C1 (Advanced) levels of Serbian language proficiency

Our Serbian Language Courses help students improve their written and spoken communication skills.


Build skills and increase your confidence – our courses are taught by Aleksandar Novaković at the Faculty of Philosophy (University of Niš) and designed to meet all your needs.

Study in small group classes suited to your specific aptitude level, together with students from all around the world.


♥ 100% teacher-led classes and interactive lessons

♥ Study in small groups or opt for one-to-one lessons

♥ Each class provides online digital activities both before and after the session to support your learning